I want to be part of the movement to rebuild and strengthen Canada's environmental laws.

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To safeguard our health, climate, nature and democracy, Canada needs to rebuild and strengthen its environmental safety net. Building stronger, lasting environmental legal protection must occur in an open, collaborative manner, informed by the best available science and indigenous knowledge. It requires a network of informed, connected and mobilized people who are willing to get involved and make their voices heard.

Together, we can achieve better laws that build a more sustainable Canada and ensure we all have a say in environmental decisions that affect us.

Who's signing

Souie Gorup
Jane MacDonald
Julia George
Rosina R
Gfg Grfg
Jonas Hofer
Lindsay Monk
judy zilinski
Jackie Nelson
Hans Wu
Agneta Sand
Randal Hadland
Kathie Woodley
phil belland
Alexandre Bolduc-Boisvert
Carolanne Bérubé
Jay Shepley
Miranda Hamilton
Terry Tuk
Susan Hughes
Patrick DeRochie
Liza Vandermeer
Kajia Eidse-Rempel
Sally AJ Abraham
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