Reimagining Environmental Decision-Making

Next Generation Environmental Assessment

The new Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 (CEAA 2012) is not working for the environment, the public or industry. It restricts the quality and quantity of information necessary for making sound decisions, reviews too few activities and shuts citizens out of decision-making, forcing them to take to the courts and the streets for a fair consideration of their concerns.

In September, an Expert Panel launched a public review of federal environmental assessment processes. Help tell the Panel it is time for a better approach to environmental decision-making. Replacing CEAA, 2012 with a visionary, sustainability-based next-generation environmental assessment law will help ensure a healthy, secure, more democratic and sustainable Canada.

In May 2016, environmental assessment experts from across Canada gathered at the Federal EA Reform Summit organized by West Coast Environmental Law to discuss, crystallize thinking, weigh options and seek to find common ground on solutions to key issues in federal EA in preparation for participation in the mandated review of EA processes. Learn more about the summit, and the resulting 12 Pillars of Next Generation Environmental Assessment, here

It is important that the Expert Panel hear from Canadians about how Canada needs a stronger, fairer law governing how we make decisions about things like pipelines, dams and meeting our Paris Agreement commitments to decarbonization. Learn more about the EA review and send a letter to the Panel calling for visionary new laws to better protect Canada's environment, climate and communities. 

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