Canada Needs Strong Environmental Laws

Canada’s environment needs stronger, lasting legal protection

In 2012, the federal government enacted omnibus “budget” bills C-38 and C-45, repealing or weakening many of Canada’s oldest and most important environmental laws. Made at industry’s request, the changes were rammed through despite opposition from hundreds of groups representing tens of thousands of Canadians across the country.

The rollbacks continued, with the government systematically gutting the laws that protect Canada’s land, air, water and democratic rights.

Then in October, Canadians elected a new government. During the election, the Liberal Party made a number of commitments to repair strengthen Canada’s environmental laws, including to:

  • Restore protection of our waterways,
  • Strengthen protection of fish and fish habitat,
  • Reform our environmental assessment process,
  • Establish a formal tanker-ban on BC’s north coast, and
  • Give the public more say in environmental decision-making.

It's time to make sure those promises are upheld.

Join the growing movement of Canadians fighting for a strong, lasting set of laws to protect nature and democracy. We can do better. Together, we can protect the ecosystems, air and waters that sustain our economy, our health and our futures.

Pledge to work with us to restore Canada's environmental safety net. 

Learn more about how the changes leave Canada’s environment and its residents vulnerable, as well as what you can do to help rebuild Canada’s environmental laws.

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