Presentations and General Resources


West Coast Environmental Law Association, Telephone Town Hall on what the rolling back of Canada's environmental laws means for oil tankers and the health and security of BC's coast (Audio File, June 2015)

West Coast Environmental Law Association Presentation - Gutting Canada's Environmental Laws: Changes to federal environmental legal protection in 2012 bills C-38 and C-45 (PDF; January 2015)

West Coast Environmental Law Association, EnviroLawsMatter Brief (PDF; 2015)

A Checklist for Strong Environmental Laws (PDF; February 2012)

West Coast Environmental Law, Myths and Realities on the 2012 Federal Budget (March 29, 2012)

Background Q&A- How Bill C-45 weakens our environmental laws and democracy (PDF; November 2012)

Top 10 Environmental Concerns of the 2012 Budget Bill (PDF; May 2012)  / French version Ce que signifie le projet de loi C38 pour l’environnement (PDF; May 2012)

Strong Environmental Laws Report Card on Bill C-38 and Supporting Legal Analysis (PDF; June 2012)

Ecojustice blog and backgrounders: Why environmental law is good for the economy and the planet (March 2012)

Ecojustice Environmental Hansard - a collection of all House of Commons discussions and debates about Canada’s environment.

Energy Framework Initiative, Letter to Minister of Environment Peter Kent and Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver (December 2011)

Please visit the following sites for resources and background information:

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