2015 Federal Election


We encourage you to choose the candidate in your riding with the strongest environmental platform who has the greatest likelihood of actually getting elected. Below are links to various groups providing polling, seat projections and other election information. Please note that we are completely non-partisan and provide the links solely to help you make an informed vote. The links are not intended to suggest an endorsement of or support for any positions taken on the sites.

  • Three Hundred Eight – Includes riding-specific projections for all federal ridings
  • Election Atlas – Includes riding-specific seat projections for all of Canada
  • The Poll Tracker, by CBC and Three Hundred Eight.com analysts – Provides combined, weighted averaged data from all major public opinion polls
  • Election Almanac – Provides polls, seat projections and information on candidates, riding history and more
  • Dogwood Initiative – Provides riding-specific polling and candidate information for BC

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