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Have a say in federal environmental law reform

Help strengthen environmental assessments in Canada

The independent panel appointed to review Canada’s environmental assessment processes wants to hear from you about how to strengthen reviews for projects like pipelines, mines and dams, as well as things like government plans, policies and programs.

This review is an important chance for all Canadians to weigh in on environmental assessment processes and how decisions that affect nature and communities should be made.

Please send your comments to the panel using the form below. You may also choose to send a copy of your submission to your MP and/or federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna.

Your voice is important and our proposed text is just a suggestion – feel free to change it or add your own.

To learn more about how Canada can enact a next-generation environmental assessment law, read West Coast Environmental Law’s recommendations on environmental assessment reform – based on the collective wisdom of over 30 of Canada’s leading experts on the subject.


[UPDATE: Dec. 23, 2016] - The comment period for public input on the environmental assessment review is now closed.

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