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This federal election, let’s vote to restore Canada’s environmental safety net.

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For decades, Canadians have depended on the federal government to safeguard our families and nature from pollution, toxic contamination and other environmental harms.
But starting in 2012 with the federal government’s omnibus “budget” Bills C-38 and C-45, Canada’s oldest and most important environmental laws have been increasingly rolled back, putting the things Canadians value at risk.
Because of these rollbacks, Canada has lost its environmental safety net.
of Canada’s lakes & rivers
lost their legal protection
environmental reviews
have been canceled
laws setting requirements
for reducing Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions
Despite widespread opposition from tens of thousands of Canadians representing all walks of life, including former Fisheries Ministers, scientists, First Nations and fishing groups, the government rammed the changes through intact.
Whether you agree or disagree with environmental groups, Canadians should have the opportunity to participate in decisions that affect them.

Your Vote Matters.

Let’s save Canada’s environmental laws

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